FlexCCD Wheel Aligner

Economic, stable, durable 8 toe CCD wheel aligner, with years of existance in the market, stability proved. Equiped with Zigbee wireless communication technology,which is more advanced than bluetooth or 433MHz, assure faster, stable data transfer.


Fast, Stable, Time-Proved 8 toe CCD Wheel Aligner, Best Performance/Price Ratio!



FlexCCD wheel aligner is stable, accurate, low cost, and easy-to-maintain 8 CCD wheel aligner. specially designed for clients who need to expand their business. This product has outstanding & unique feature and the most advanced technology to ensure the growth of your company fame. Wireless data transfer with zigbee technology, which is more advanced than bluetooth or 433MHz.

Professional, Flexible, Affordable


High Accuracy
6 meter wheel base
8 toe sensors
Fast & Stable data transfer
Complete databank

  Time saving features
  Display toe and camber in LCD of probe rods

Caster, camber adjustment indicators
Remote Control on probe rods
Quick measurement, standard measurement,additional measurement
Wheel alignment reference database
Customer defined car database


Automatic detect low chassis
Interchangeable sensor heads
Front wheel mode and four wheel mode


Unbeatable price / performance ratio
Designed for long time use 

Target customer

Car manufacturer workshops, Independent Workshop or tire service shop with a high amount of wheel alignments.
Professional, reliable and affordable equipment is needed.
FlexCCD,the wheel alignment system for passenger cars and light trucks up to 6 meter wheel base measurement.
Wheel Alignment measurement is done with 8 CCD Cameras, 4 camber inclinometer, 4 KPI inclinometer and fast & stable Zigbee radio data transfer between sensor heads and cabinet.

The software, a complete bundle of program and target data, is easy to use and contain nearly all kind of cars worldwide.
All this together makes this wheel aligner FlexCCD, to one of the best product worldwide.



  Sensor Heads
Smart Key
LCD Display
Sensor head adjust indicator
Replaceable without calibration
Dual backup of calibration value
Level Indicator
Zigbee wireless communication technology

Reference Book
Quick measurement
Standard measurement
Extension measurement
Turn Angle measurement
Low chassis auto-detect
Lift compensation
Fast calibration, need only 4 steps to finish calibration.


Computer: DELL

Monitor: 19 Inch DELL LCD

Operation System: Windows XP / Windows 7

Power supply: 90V~240V


 Item  Precision  Range
 Front Total Toe-in  ± 0.02°  ± 20°
 Front Toe-in  ± 0.01°  ± 10°
 Camber ± 0.01° ± 15°
 Caster  ± 0.1°  ± 20°
 SAI/KPI  ± 0.1°  ± 20°
 Setback  ± 0.03°  ± 6°
 Trust Angle  ± 0.03°  ± 6°

Note: The above accuracy can be confirmed only when the user follows the specified operation procedures.
Requirements on Surroundings

Ambient Temperature - 20°C ~ + 50°C
Relative Humidity < 90%

Parts List 

 1001  Probe Rod Assembly  PC  4
 2001  Cabinet  PC  1
 1002  Wheel clamps  PC  4
 1003  power supply: INPUT:AC90-240V, OUTPUT:5V/5.0A  PC      1
 1004  Wheel aligner brake pedal depressor  PC  1
 1005  Turntable  PC  2
 1006  Wheel aligner steering wheel holder  PC  1
 1007  Communication Master Module (Zigbee)  PC  1
 2002  Monitor 19 Inch DELL  PC  1
 2003  Computer Host, DELL  PC  1
 2004  Printer HP  PC  1

Product Resource

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