Network | J&L Techno Ltd


J&L Techno Ltd is glad to provide mature technology to service workshops/garages worldwide at a affordable price. to make work on vehicle a joyful experience, and help workshops/garages to be more reliable and professional from car owners' point of view.

With continuous effort, thanks to the nice quality of product that brings sheer customer experience, J&L Techno is spreading its name worldwide at an amazing pace. But still, we have to ask for your help to bring this mature and exciting experience to more garages and workshops as well as car owners worldwide.

We assure high standard equipment quality by:

  •  Strict quality control on parts sourcing
  •  Strict quality control on manufacture and assembling
  •  Test each unit before delivery
  •  Each unit is well calibrated in the factory

and more importantly, a better policy to protect local dealers' benefits in the market:

  •  In each country, we assign no more than 2 dealers and carry the same price policy, service policy.
  •  Crossselling is not allowed.
  •   and much more.....

last but not least, we assure full tech support to our network.

  •  All technical issue will be replied within 24hrs.
  •  Tech support available 7 days a week.
  •  Detailed troubleshooting manual.

For dealership and OEM service, Please contact us anytime.