AMC-180F A/C Service Station

AMC series A/C Service Station with patented technology


AMC series A/C Service Station with patented technology





        Professional industrial design and excellent appearance.

        Patented technology to ensure outstanding stability and reliability.

        High standard modularized components to assure low failure rate.

        Higher oil separation efficiency.

        Universal graphic representation of operating interface.

        Simple and convenient to maintain.

        Flush function to clean the A/C pipe system.






        Refrigerant purifying


        Discharging used oil

        Refilling new oil

        Printer (Fully-auto model only)

        Database (Fully-auto model only)

        Flush cleaning (Model end with F only)

        System alarm:

          High-pressure, Low-pressure, Empty tank, Full tank, Empty new oil bottle, Full old oil bottle, Filter service, Vacuum pump service, Printer no paper, Printer abnomal.



        Power Supply: AC22V 50/60Hz, AC110V 60Hz

        Compressor: 12cc

        Vacuum Pump: 4.5CFM, 5Pa

        Tank Electric Scale: 30kg±10g

        Oil Bottle Electric Scale:6kg±5g

        Max. Working Pressure: 20Bar/290Psi

        Max. Tank Volume:12L

        Display: LED (Semi-Auto model only)

                          240X128 LCD (Fully-auto model only)


AMC series A/C service station works with R12 or R124a only.






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