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How to adjust the wheel/chassis for alignment?

Time:2013-09-28 Click:2490
To adjust the wheel for alignment, you will need knowledge of basic elements of wheel alignment, and suspension structure.
with knowledge of wheel alignment elements, you would know what the numbers of wheel aligner display refers too, of course, the icons before each number could be found in the computer screen. eg.

the software will tell you which parameter is out of range(which means it has to be adjusted)
Now you will need have knowledge of suspension structure of different kind, to help you understand which knob you shall adjust to make the number back to normal range.
Always follow the principle :

Rear wheel first, front wheel second



The rear wheel position determines the thrust angle.

only when the thrust angle in manufactuer specification range, the car obtains the push force straight forward.

When the push force is in range, then there's possibility of make the adjustment on front wheels. and this principle applies to rear wheel drive, front wheel drive and four wheel drive.