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What preparation need to be done when do wheel alignment?

Time:2013-09-28 Click:2542

 To ensure accuracy and effectiveness of wheel alignment, some preparation work need to be done before doing alignment on a car for eliminating the factors that could affect the result.
Tire pressure
Make sure the wheels are in same tire pressure level, or at least make the front wheels has same pressure level, and back wheels has same pressure level and both set of wheels .
Clean the thread of the tires
In the thread of the tires, there might be small stone or other things that may affect the accuracy of the wheel alignment.
Road test
It will be good if a road test could be carried out before drive the car onto the lift or alignment platform, then you won't be in a lost when see the numbers.
Check the tire surface
It will help you understand the tirewwear condition. and make right adjustment to each wheel in practice.
Check fuel level
Some vehicle, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Renault etc, might require fuel level at certain level.
Check the bearing of the suspension system
For vehicle older than 3 years, or it always been driven on a bad-condition road. the bearing of the suspension will wear.