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How to Clean With Solvents in an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

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An ultrasonic cleaner is a machine that uses ultrasonic cleaning process to remove debris, dust and dirt from small or delicate items. Use of the machine is more effective than hand washing. Ultrasonic cleaners are used in the electronic, jewelry, auto, medical and dental industries. The machines are designed to be used with their brand of solution. However, solvents can be used, as long as the liquid does not touch any of the interior parts, with a process called indirect cleaning.

Below is a general instruction for using ultrasonic cleaner.  for clean fuel injector, its similar, only that the solvent has special requirement that won't damage the injectors.



        Place the item to be cleaned in a beaker or non-perforated tray that is small enough to fit in the Ultrasonic Cleaner but deep enough to fully submerge the item you are trying to clean.

        Fill the holder with solvent, fully submerging the item to be cleaned. Ensure the holder has no leaks or holes, as solvent can damage the inside of an ultrasonic cleaner.


        Place the holder inside of an ultrasonic cleaner.

        Fill the ultrasonic cleaner water tank with water so the water level reaches the full line.

        Read the instruction manual for the brand and type of ultrasonic cleaner that is being used. Follow the manual's instructions to choose the appropriate cycle type and length for the item being cleaned.