Ultra3D : New Line of 3D Wheel Aligner

Time:2013-09-20 Click:3052


J&L Techn is proud to release our latest wheel alignment products: Ultra3D and Ultra3D+.


This product line is research and developed by a whole new team, aside from Flex3D.


Ultra3D was designed to be light weight, compact, simply but powerful. All the animation and unnecessary resource are eliminated. 


The most important and outstanding feature is coming with Ultra3D+, 'auto-track' function, which refers to the camera bar can automatically move up and down following the lift platform. This feature is the first practice of chinese made 3D wheel aligner, while for some manufacturer, manual controlled movement is realized, but they are totally different things.


With 'auto-track' function, Ultra3D+ eliminated the boundary of height limit, unlike other wheel aligner, which is fixed height and has a tolerance to capture good image in height range of 40~50cm. with Ultra3D+,  vehicle chassis adjustment could be done at 50cm to 180cm .  


follow the 2 links to view the new products information:



Ultra3D+ Wheel Aligner

Ultra3D Wheel Aligner


J&L Techno Sales Team