New Product Release: ALL-300+ , Shop Air driven Automotive Leak Locator

Time:2013-10-03 Click:10112


ALL-300 Smoke Automotive Leak Locator is equipped with inbuilt air compressor, dual control mode, and 5 minutes auto-shut-down, was welcomed in the global market since its release. 

Based on success of ALL-300 smoke automotive leak locator, J&L Techno is proud to release a shop air driven ALL-330, and the model name was set as ALL-300+. 

Everything of ALL-300+ is just the same as ALL-300 except that the inbuilt air compressor was replaced by a shop air adapter. this alternation was required by some feedback that the operator want super air flow, which could make leak detection jobs even faster, but of course, this method is not so as convenient as air compressor inbuilt ALL-300. 

follow the link to check the detail out.